KENDAL Town Council is considering proposals for a new exhibition on the role of slavery in the town's history.

The council's Mayoralty and Arts Committee has asked members for proposals for the exhibition which would likely take place in July 2023.

A report on the topic is due to be discussed at the committee’s next meeting on Monday January 23.

The report says: "The purpose is to acknowledge the part the town and individuals within it played in the slave trade, and to look at the outcomes of this involvement both positive and negative.

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"Also to highlight the role individuals and objects associated with the town council and put them into the context of the trade, and to show how we can learn from this history and ensure it is both remembered and never repeated."

The proposed venue is yet to be decided, but the report says: "The exhibition should be held somewhere with a high public footfall so that people who would not usually attend an exhibition such as this might be exposed to it and learn about the town’s history as a result."

The suggested format would be 'eight large display boards, each dealing with an element of Kendal and the slave trade', according to the report.