CUMBRIA Deaf Association (CDA) is continuing with its series of programmes to bring together people with hearing loss.

In January the programme launched 'Talking Tuesdays' and as February begins CDA will be continuing with the programme on the 14th and 28th. 

This space is to bring together people with hearing loss who can often be more profoundly affected by isolation. 

On March 7, the deaf association will launch 'Walk for Wellbeing'.

Community co-ordiator Lucy Belton said: "We are excited for this wonderful opportunity to join Claire alongside others for a chat and to get out and about around Kendal."  

Claire Wickham, the founder of 'Walk for Wellbeing', said: "I can't wait to work alongside the deaf and HOH groups, leading them on lovely, local walks and supporting them in the outdoor environment.

"Access to nature and the outdoors should be such a simple thing, but those who are deaf or HOH sometimes find walking in groups a bit intimidating. I hope I can help break down some barriers to accessing the outdoors and take them to some fantastic new places."

The walks will start at the CDA Castle Street centre.

Sessions will be supported by a British Sign Language interpreter.