A SPATE of burglaries which has seen dozens of homes in South Lakeland targeted over the last year may have been carried out by the same criminals.

Detectives have urged homeowners to be extra vigilant following a series of burglaries across the district.

The reminder comes following four break-ins over the weekend in Kendal and Arnside, which the police are linking to around 30 other burglaries which have occurred in the same area of the last 12 months.

Cumbria Constabulary has a dedicated a team of detectives to investigate these crimes.

The force also has uniformed and plain clothed officers patrolling the specific areas of the burglaries to provide reassurance, act as a deterrent but also to try and identify and arrest those responsible. 

Detective Inspector Lee Brumpton said: "It would appear that homes are being targeted by burglars in rural parts of South Cumbria, close to the Lancashire border. This is a despicable crime, which has a serious impact on the victims. We are doing everything we can to prevent future burglaries and bring those responsible to justice."

"We have increased patrols in these areas and we are engaging with residents providing information and crime prevention advice."

In Kendal burglars broke into a bungalow in River Bank Road on Saturday night and stole cash and jewellery.

In Arnside burglars broke into an unoccupied home in Church Hill before searching the property for valuables. The burglary is believed to have occurred between Thursday February 2 and Sunday February 5.

Also in Church Hill, a property was broken into on the night of February 3 - it is believed the only item taken was a purse containing cash.

A third Arnside property was broken into on the night of February 4 in Orchard Road - nothing of note was taken despite an obvious search throughout the property.


Detective Inspector Brumpton said the force was also seeking support from the community.

"Firstly, we suspect the burglars are travelling to these areas in a vehicle to scout them out before breaking in," he said.

"If you see something that just doesn’t seem right or someone acting suspiciously, either on foot or in a vehicle, if you can, take a note of the registration number or a description of the person and contact us straight away and we will prioritise and action the information immediately. 

"Secondly, review your own security. What would it look like to a would-be burglar? Thieves will target what they consider to be easy targets including insecure and empty properties."