AS we reach the end of winter, warm spots have become not only a solution to the cost-of-living crisis but also a community centre for Kendal's older residents. 

The warm spot at Kendal Town Hall is run by the Neighbourhood Chaplains.

For this week's session, Dr Amy Lee from Captain French Surgery at the Gillingate Centre offered a space for the people attending the session to have a free health check-up. 

There was a partitioned section of the room where Dr Lee spent five minutes with members of the group who wanted to speak with her. 

A range of tea and biscuits were on offer and the people in attendance had games such as Connect4 laid out for them on the table. 

The Westmorland Gazette: Jonny Gios helps run the warm spot at Kendal Town HallJonny Gios helps run the warm spot at Kendal Town Hall (Image: Newsquest, Daniel Pye)

Jonny Gios, one of the lead members of Neighbourhood Chaplains, said: "We've been doing this since October 5 last year. Since the start of the year I've had this on my horizon and radar that we were going to need something like this in the future to keep people warm because of the cost of living crisis that was upon us.

"Even though we didn't have funds for it we still stepped out and did it so we had to apply to some grants and we got them to do this until the end of April this year."

The Westmorland Gazette: Megan Campbell, stood next to the partition behind which Dr Lee gave her health check-ups Megan Campbell, stood next to the partition behind which Dr Lee gave her health check-ups (Image: Newsquest, Daniel Pye)

Megan Campbell, an administrative worker from Captain French who was assisting Dr Lee, said: "She's going to do some general health checks on people who wish to - blood pressure checks and giving out some leaflets and awareness on blood pressure and health."

Megan said Captain French was at the warm spot as a way of engaging the surgery with the wider community. It was an opportunity to chat and interact with people in the community who may not typically go to their practice. 

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Dorothy Gibbons, a member of Neighbourhood Chaplains, said: "I think it's something that is a necessity because even with the cost of living people are still going to be lonely." She said that running the warm spot boosted her own mental health by helping people in the community and wanted it to continue forever.

The warm spot runs at Kendal Town Hall, from 10-1pm on Wednesdays.