ONE of Ambleside's two rotary clubs is celebrating 20 years of active service.

It is looking forward to another year of activities, guest speakers, charity fundraising and friendship. 

While the other club (Ambleside) is going to cease operations Kirkstone Rotary is 'very much alive and well.' 

The club is ready to welcome members from the closing club and 'will always welcome anyone new to Rotary to join us in keeping the spirit of Rotary moving in Ambleside.' 

Recent events included an open speaker meeting by archaeologist Steve Dickinson at the Parish Centre. It also had a recent community Silver Sunday tea and an upcoming fundraising quiz on April 21 in Kelsick Centre will replace funds committed to the DEC Turkey-Syria appeal. 

The Rotary Club was also involved in the recent annual Cumbria and Lancashire District Rotary Conference. The clubs celebrated raising a combined £7 million for Ukraine. 

Rotary relies on volunteers as well as members to carry out events. Any ideas for projects or events would be welcome. All meetings are advertised locally and on the club website or contact the secretary on 015394 33767.