ONE in eight children in South Lakeland are living in relative poverty, new figures show.

Department for Work and Pensions figures show 1,955 children in South Lakeland were living in relative poverty in the year ending April 2022. 

It meant 13.3 per cent of children in the area were in a family whose income was below 60 per cent of the average household income and claimed child benefit and at least one other household benefit.

Of these children, 1,351 were in absolute poverty as their family's income was lower than 60 per cent of the median income established in 2010-2011 – accounting for (9.2 per cent) of kids in the area.

Overall, it was up from 12.1 per cent of children who were living in poverty in 2020-21 and up from 10.5 per cent seen in 2014-15 when comparable records began.

This is below the UK average of 20.1 per cent of children in relative poverty and 15.3 per cent in absolute poverty. 

The government said the latest figures “reflect the country coming out of the pandemic and accompanying rising prices” and that record levels of support have been provided through cost-of-living payments, the Household Support Fund and the Energy Price Guarantee.