A GUESTHOUSE said it will keep going even if Travelodge move into Ambleside. 

A hotel chain wants to open five new sites at Ambleside, Keswick, Whitehaven and Windermere and wrote letters to the local authorities urging them to join a hotel development deal with the operator.

Sharyn Rush, the owner of The Gables Guesthouse in Ambleside, first questioned where Travelodge would build a new hotel given the difficulty developers have had in getting permission in the area.

She continued: "It will be a different kind of visitor to Ambleside. It has never been a place that has been full of stag and hen parties - I can't say if it will head that way if Travelodge comes into the village.

"They are just selling beds. We are providing something a little bit more for our guests and the older generation like that.

"It is changing sadly. I think we will be alright. We have got a good set of returning guests some have become our friends. We have been here nearly 17 years now so we will stick it out."