A SONGWRITER who has supported Bob Dylan will bring new music to Kendal.

American Sarabeth Tucek will play Brewery Arts under her new moniker SBT - a nickname given to her by the musicians she has worked with throughout her career.

SBT's new double album Joan of All is due to be released on May 19.

She said: "I will be performing my double album from top to bottom. It is a single entity and best devoured all at once.

“I think this record is very different from the first two.

"A couple of my biggest influences are Lou Reed and Pink Floyd and I think that comes through on Joan of All.” 

SBT first broke onto the music scene in 2003 on a Bill Callahan-produced album and Callahan's own album before releasing her self-titled first album in 2007 and her second album Get Well Soon in 2011.

One of her earliest live performances is featured in 2004 rockumentary Dig!

She added: "To be able to perform at Brewery Arts is literally a dream come true.

“When I was very young I was an actor, and there is no place I feel more at home than in these types of spaces.

“These spaces are vital to my music and I wanted this show to feel more like theatre, to be contained with everyone in a storytelling environment."

SBT plays Brewery Arts, home to a theatre, live music venue, two cinema screens, exhibition and learning spaces and a bar and restaurant, on May 24.