A celebration of the key role Windermere played in the development of seaplanes is to be held on England’s largest lake.

Central to the event, named Wings over Windermere, are public flights of a replica of the UK’s first successful seaplane, Waterbird, weather allowing.

The Westmorland Gazette: Waterbird replicaWaterbird replica (Image: Submitted)In 2022, Waterbird was based on a private estate on the West side of Windermere. This year it will be based on the popular East side, on land next to Windermere Jetty Museum, off Rayrigg Road, Bowness.


The Rayrigg Wyke site is private and not open to the public. But between flights, visitors to the museum will be able to look across Rayrigg Wyke bay to see Waterbird in its temporary hangar.

Two other seaplanes will also be flying in and resting in the bay, to contrast and compare with Waterbird. Public viewpoints and facilities are at Brockhole, Windermere.

Programme (subject weather)

Thursday, May 11:

7pm-8pm: displays by the replica Waterbird and the second seaplane. The spectator area is at Brockhole on Windermere.

Friday May 12:

7pm-8pm: displays by the replica Waterbird and the second seaplane. The spectator area is again at Brockhole. The second seaplane departs.

Saturday May 13. In the morning, prior to 9.30am, the first seaplane departs.

The same day, between 10.30am and 2.30pm, the replica Waterbird will be static on the lake at Windermere Jetty Museum where WINDERMERE SCIENCE FESTIVAL is being held. The main theme of the festival is Flight.

For updates on Wings over Windermere and the Project as a whole, please see:

For Flight Demonstration Status: https://www.waterbird.org.uk

Information for Spectators and Lake Users: https://www.waterbird.org.uk/wings-over-windermere-2023/