A WOMAN diagnosed with ADHD is starting a group to give those with neurodivergencies a place to connect, share and create a supportive adult community.

Rebecca Batstone was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at the age of 50.

Since then, the woman has been trying to find ways to manage her condition.

"It can be quite a devastating diagnosis. I have lived all my life feeling like I was on the periphery. I always felt like a square peg in a round hole," said Rebecca.

"For many of us, this diagnosis is coming around the time of the perimenopause or menopause, largely because the coping strategies we have created throughout our lives fall apart with poor sleep, brain fog, crippling anxiety and other menopausal challenges."

The woman was diagnosed with the condition in July of last year and has spent the last 10 months researching about it.

She said: "I have been finding ways to manage my condition and being very open and speaking with others about my struggle because I realise that I'm far from alone."

"I realised that I would benefit from an adult support group with others to share similar experiences and that this is a far more common problem than just me."

The support group is intended for those with or suspecting to have ADHD or any other neurodivergent conditions.

During the meeting, people will be able to find and share information, coping strategies and tips.

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South Lakes ADHD and Neurodiversity Adult Support Group is taking place on Wednesday May 17, at The Bakery at No.4 in Kendal between 1pm and 2.30pm.

Marianne Woodened of The Bakery at No.4 said: "The support group will take place in a new space we have just renovated upstairs, so it will be nice to have the opportunity to use it for something that is community spirited as well as for the business."

For further information email Rebecca at hello@spaceandclarity.co.uk