Four officers who responded to a traumatic incident where a man had been hit by a train have been commended by the Chief Constable for their efforts which helped save the man's life.

PC Dayna Baguley, PC Fred Witt, PC Jake Chaplow and PC Ben Jones responded to a call from British Transport Police colleagues on 31 August 2022, reporting that a man had been sighted on the train tracks on the West Coast Main Line near Mealbank, Kendal.

The officers attended and scaled a fence before locating the man who had suffered significant injuries after being struck by a train at high speed.

The man had suffered severe injuries including the almost complete severing of one arm as well as facial injuries which significantly hampered his ability to communicate with officers.

The officers were able to provide immediate medical assistance, including applying a tourniquet to his arm, until paramedics and air ambulance arrived around 20 minutes later.

The offices were thanked by paramedics at the scene and the man was taken by air ambulance to hospital.

Despite the seriousness of the injuries suffered, the man survived.

The officers were nominated for the commendation by Inspector Neil Parkin.

He said: "The officers attended the scene not expecting to find a casualty but, faced with a man with traumatic injuries, they remained calm and acted swiftly and professionally in carrying out life-saving first aid at the scene.

"Their efforts undoubtedly helped in saving the man's life that day.

"The actions of all four officers were a credit to the Constabulary and their Commendation from the Chief Constable is thoroughly deserved."