A PLEA for help has been issued after a broken lift has left disabled residents in a Kendal block of flats trapped in their homes for over a week.

Residents of Kirkland View, managed by the Liverpool-based Riverside, are desperate for the lift to be fixed but the father of one disabled resident has said that he has been told by Riverside officials that repair is still weeks away at least.

Chris Brooksbank said his wheelchair-bound daughter Lorna, who lives in an upstairs flat, has experienced 'serious stress' in leaving the flat to attend an operation in hospital.

"It caused all sorts of problems, the ambulance service tried to get her out, but they can't use a stretcher on the stairs, as they're too steep", he said.

"One ambulance crew felt they weren't allowed to use this carry-chair, so they called a different ambulance company, who will be charging me for their services.

"They sent two ambulance crews with four people to carry her down the stairs yesterday morning.

"It was traumatic, and of course, she was having an operation which she was worried about to start with."

The lift, which services all 36 flats, has been broken since around May 14, and Mr Brooksbank said he lodged an official complaint, adding that the lift had recently been out of service for a month before it was fixed.

"When I rang up earlier this week, they told me they didn't have a job down for Kirkland View and didn’t know the lift was broken, which is a worry, but they eventually found it," he said.

"The latest I understand is that the two batteries that are needed for the lift should arrive in the week beginning June 5, and then after that date, they will come and try to fix it.

"All I want is for Riverside to be more efficient to make it safe for all the people who are in the flats.

"All the people in there are in social housing or people with disabilities."

Jane Allen, a carer for Lorna Brooksbank, said: "It’s appalling – there are lots of disabled people trapped in there and they need that lift to do anything, whether it be appointments or shopping.

"They can't even get out in case of an emergency.

"We need the company to listen to us and act as this is urgent."

The Westmorland Gazette have approached Riverside for comment.