A CLUB has held fundraisers for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) after one of its members was diagnosed with the disease.

Since Christmas Day last year White Hart Sports and Social Club in Sedbergh has held various fundraisers for MNDA as one of their 'long term loyal members' Ian Price was diagnosed with a rare form of the disease.

The man was told the condition would only affect him up to his waist however it is now affecting the rest of his body. 

After spending months raising funds for the charity, on Sunday, May 21, the club presented a £3m513.60 cheque to MNDA.

Dean Hunter, chairman of White Hart Sports and Social Club, said: "White Hart Sports and Social Club committee, staff and members all strive to make as much money as possible for this wonderful charity.

"Motor Neurone Disease Association are making some amazing breakthroughs. 

"We only have to look within our own club to see the devastating consequences of this disease.

"We truly hope the money we raised helps our member Ian Price and others unfortunate enough to be in his position."

Mr Price, who has been a member of the club for over 10 years, was described by the chairman as a 'fun bubbly character with an infectious laugh.'

He said: "You should have seen the smile on his face when he saw the cheque - it was wonderful and he is absolutely over the moon.

"It is very difficult for him to communicate because he has lost all his speech but he still communicates via text message to me and he is absolutely grateful for everything we have been doing for him.

"We would like to thank our members and staff for raising that amount of money possible.

"We hope to be counting a bigger total at the end of the year."