AN inn will close for the next two Mondays after an altercation with members of the travelling community.

Christine Clowes, the 73-year-old landlady of The Cross Keys Temperance Inn, outside Cautley, near Sedbergh, called the police after a confrontation with three 'intimidating' men who went into her living room demanding food despite the business hosting a private party and being closed to the public. 

She posted on social media that as of Wednesday, May 31, the inn will not open for the next two Mondays to avoid further issues with the travelling community, who are passing through the town on their way to Appleby Horse Fair. 

Ms Clowes said that she was 'sworn at by a party of three demanding food at 9pm'.

She said: "One of them said I was a bad liar and threatened me with his God's vengeance, I don't need that in my own home."

She said that her dog 'probably put the wind up him' and they left. 

This is just one of the issues she has had recently with members of the travelling community. She said: "We have never ever had to close. I have been here 26 years, we have always had a reasonable time with Appleby Fair. My husband died last year so that leaves me a little more vulnerable. We do not sell alcohol but they do want food.

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"Generally, it is not a problem. Last night, I had a private party and was not open to the general public. I found three of them in my living room. I am 73 and I am on my own I should not be put in a situation like that.

"I respect their tradition and their way of life but I won’t be demanded like that in my own home. What I have found this year is they are very demanding. There's a lot of big lads. Last Monday there was a lot of them and they were quite intimidating, and [a member of staff] is now refusing to work.”

A spokesperson from Cumbria Police said: "This was reported to us at around 9.30pm on the evening of May 31. The landlady was spoken to and the dedicated patrols in the area were notified so that they could particularly monitor the premises not just yesterday evening but over the coming days."

Appleby Horse Fair is an annual gathering of travellers, which this year will start on Thursday, June 8 and end on Wednesday, June 14.