IT will be a sunny then rainy weekend in the south Lakes. 

The Met Office said that it will be a "dry evening. Outbreaks of heavy, thundery rain on Sunday."

Here is an hour-by-hour forecast of the weather this weekend: 

5pm: 22C

6pm: 21C

7pm: 21C

8pm: 20C

9pm: 19C

10pm: 17C

11pm: 17C


Midnight: 17C

1am: 18C

2am: 20C 

3am: 19C

4am: 19C

5am: 18C

6am: 19C

7am: 19C

8am: 21C

9am: 22C

10am: 22C

11am: 22C

Noon: 22C

1pm: 21C

2pm: 20C

3pm: 19C

4pm: 17C

5pm: 18C

6pm: 18C

7pm: 18C

8pm: 17C

9pm: 16C

10pm: 15C

11pm: 15C