NEWLYWEDS enjoyed the warm weather to dive into a waterfall in the Lake District with their guests.

Isla Jane Robson, a 29-year-old dance teacher at Stevenson School of Dance in Ulverston, married Patrick Fenna, a 32-year-old furniture restorer.

The pair, who met on the online app Bumble, had their first date on a rainy day in Cartmel.

"It was just supposed to be a little walk but it turned into a café lunch and then an evening meal," said Isla.

"We realised we had such a lot in common. The love for the outdoors, for the Lake District particularly. We are both close with our families, we both love folk music, and the list just went on."

The couple got engaged on July 16 2021 and Isla said it was a 'total surprise.

She said: "I had actually booked a weekend away at our favourite place at the Kirkstile Inn. We went for a walk up Darling Fell, and as a total surprise, he got down on one knee, and that was it. With a homemade box and an antique ring."

The pair got married on June 10, 2023, at The Coniston Copper Mines in 'scorching' hot weather.

She said: "There were lots of dips in the close streams and waterfalls to cool off. Even me and Patrick ended up in a pool.

"The ceremony was just perfect, a horsefly did try to steal some of the limelight, but our dog Patch took care of that swiftly with a quick tap.

"My mum wrote a beautiful poem which was our reading.

"We were so happy that all the guests got the relaxed vibe we were going for and just really enjoyed their day in the beautiful surroundings. 

"My dad's speech was particularly special and really brought a tear to our eyes. He had bought us very thoughtful gifts to help us with our future lives together. The best man also spoke so well, got some laughs and tears as he spoke about friendship, family and love. 

"Our families and friends went above and beyond to make sure we had a wonderful day and weekend.

"They did so much behind the scenes and brought beautiful finishing touches such as a photo album, handmade favours, homemade bunting and the flowers our friend did and were just beautiful. We were looked after from start to finish and are incredibly grateful."

The couple are going on a honeymoon to Italy and will be spending a few days in Rome and then on the Amalfi Coast. 

All pictures were taken by Clare Gelderd.