A cyclist was left with a badly lacerated leg and had to be rescued after a crash on a Lake District trail. 

The mountain biker was riding on the trail in Spring Wood, above Colthouse, Ambleside, on Friday.

The incident happened around 1pm in yesterday's wet weather. Coniston Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) were on their second call out of the day when they were informed by Kendal MRT and dispatched all three Land Rovers immediately.

Upon arrival, rescuers found the cyclist with wounds on his leg which was assessed and treated at the scene. 

As part of a Facebook post by Coniston (MRT), a spokesperson said: "He was stretched down to the roadside. From there, his cycling group colleagues took him to Furness General Hospital.

"10 Team members + a family member attended. The incident took 3 hrs 30 mins."