THE ENVIRONMENT Agency (EA) is still investigating a mass fish death incident in the River Kent two years on.

Thousands of fish were found dead in the River Kent near Wattsfield Road, Kendal on July 23 2021. 

At the time, the agency said that officers found 'significant pollution' and dead fish including minnows, stone loach, sticklebacks and white-clawed crayfish. 

It was put into the most serious 'category one' for environmental incidents. 

Isobel Stoddart, from the campaign group Clean River Kent, asked why the EA has not come out with a report on the investigation already. According to Ms Stoddart, the incident is what sparked the creation of the campaign group. 

The EA replied: "This is an ongoing criminal investigation, as such we are unable to comment further. When we can, we will issue a press release."