The new manager of a Kendal airport service has vowed to help grow the business - and the local tourist sector.

David McKie recently took over Airport Services UK Ltd, which has been running in the area since 1981.

The business hires local drivers from Cumbria, conducting transfers to all the major airports and cruise terminals across the country.

Mr McKie said: "I was attracted to the job because it's a fantastic brand in Kendal.

"It was a tremendous honour and opportunity that I couldn't rightly turn down."

Whilst originally from Scotland, an area that is also partially served by the company, Mr McKie is now a resident of Kendal.

His hope is to take the established foundations that the service possesses and build an even larger supplier of transport in the area and beyond.

"The potential for growth is huge, which was one of the reasons why I had to take this leap," he said.

"Not just in the sense of helping people get to these specific places, but also in bringing tourists into Kendal itself, which should also massively and positively impact the area."

Mr McKie is no stranger to the tourist business having worked in the sector at the London Mayor's office in the capital.

He is looking forward to bringing this expertise and wielding it in any way that best suits Cumbria.

"In today's climate, a service like this is more important than ever for the community," he said.

"Train prices are increasing by the day and, most recently, flights have been delayed so people want a sense of reliability."

The service was originally a family-run business, operating with just two vehicles when it started over four decades ago.

Mr McKie was quick to point out the traditions and principles of the company are not going to be forgotten anytime soon.

"The growth I've mentioned is basically phase two of the plan," he said.

"For now, we'll be focusing on the core business, which revolves around airports and schools, and seeing what improvements can be made."