A XL Bully dog has been ordered to be destroyed after it mauled a pet Pomeranian Chihuahua to death in a neighbour’s garden.

Kerry-anne Nicholson, of Anchorite Fields in Kendal, admitted being in charge of a dog that was dangerously out of control on March 14 after it escaped from a cage.

The court heard ‘Boycee’ the XL bully dog had been made the subject of a contingent destruction order in 2021 after it killed another dog.

The order required the animal to be kept on short leashes, to be muzzled and for it to be supervised at all times.

Peter Kelly, prosecuting the case at South Cumbria Magistrates Court, told magistrates that a man's 12-year-old daughter was about to take their dog ‘Pepper’ for a walk when he heard screaming and shouting coming from outside.

The court heard when he walked outside of his front door, he saw what he described as a ‘Staffordshire bull terrier type breed’ violently pinning Pepper down.

After around ten minutes, Mr Kelly said the defendant struck Boycee with a piece of equipment from inside her house to get him off Pepper’s neck.

However, despite the defendant and the dad's best efforts, they were not able to stop him from mauling the Pomeranian Chihuahua to death.

Pepper's owner managed to get the dog into his greenhouse and place it into a container as he did not want anybody else from the family to see the dog’s injuries, the court heard.

Vets later confirmed the death.

In his victim impact statement read out in open court, the dad said: “This incident has caused my daughter to be fearful of other dogs. I cannot close my eyes without seeing the flesh being ripped from her helpless body.”

Mr Kelly told the court that the complainant suffered superficial wounds to his forearm and the defendant sustained an injury to her hand from the attack.

The defendant, who chose not to be represented, said: “I am deeply very sorry for what everyone had to witness. I still have nightmares to this day myself. I agree that he should be destroyed.”

Sentencing the defendant to a six-month prison sentence suspended for two years and 150 hours unpaid work, Magistrate Anne Howson said: “This is a really distressing case. There was prior knowledge of this aggressive behaviour. This attack was caused by a lapse of attention.

“Boycee’s temperament constitutes a risk of to members of the public and other dogs. We find no other alternative but to order for his destruction.”

Magistrates also ordered that the defendant pay £300 compensation to the dad, as well as paying a £154 surcharge and £85 in court costs.