A new ghost tour in Kendal has been announced and is set to make its debut this Halloween.

'Kendal Ghost Walks' has been established by Simon Kurt Unsworth and Rosie Seymour, a married pair of horror writers.

The tours will last an hour, starting at the town hall before finishing at the area's most haunted pub, the renowned Ring O' Bells.

On how this idea came to fruition, Mrs Seymour said: "My husband is a heritage officer for the town council, as well as a writer, so he has been immersed in these stories for a while.

"We just started talking about it one night and realised that there are too many stories out there for us not to do this."The Westmorland Gazette: The tour will finish at the famously haunted Ring O Bells pubThe tour will finish at the famously haunted Ring O Bells pub (Image: Google Maps)

Participants will be guided by the Auld Grey Lady, who was rumoured to have been poisoned with arsenic by her Victorian chemist husband.

Mrs Seymour's love of all things supernatural started when she was just 11, when she spotted a thin man on the edge of her bed on the night her grandfather died.

She added that their goal is to raise the hairs on the back of the necks of all who take part, whilst teaching them about the history and ghosts of the town.

"The response we've had has been unbelievable ever since we announced this to the public.

"To highlight how popular it's been, we've practically sold out of tickets, with only two remaining at the moment."

Those interested should not be alarmed about the limited number of entries, with Mrs Seymour hopeful that the October event's success will spark future tours.

"We're seeing this almost like a pilot scheme, to see if there's a massive interest as well as exploring what sort of stories people want to find out about.

"In my eyes, this is something that could be done several times a year, rather than it being a solely annual thing to celebrate this spookiest of occasions."

For those interested, more information can be found here.