A KENDAL pub has been accused of 'infringement' by the trademark owners of an Australian-American chain of theme restaurants.

The Duke of Cumberland was set to host a Kev and Karen's Diner Evening for customers willing to pay for employees to insult them.

The event was based on the success of Karen's Diner - a chain of restaurants that advertises a deliberately unpleasant dining experience, and staff are instructed to insult customers throughout their meal.

However, Karen's Diner trademark owners have issued a statement claiming the pub's actions of passing off an event called Kev and Karen's Diner Evening are in 'violation of trademark infringement.'

The statement issued by the trademark owners Viral Ventures to The Duke of Cumberland said: "You are staging an event purposely copying the globally recognised experience known as Karen's Diner.

"Viral Ventures holds the registered trademark and copyright and has built a reputation for providing a distinctive product recognised by its customers.

"Your event likeness has caused confusion among consumers and dilutes the value of the Viral Ventures' mark."

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The owners said this was 'the second time' the venue has 'looked to knowingly infringe' the 'trademarks and copyright.'

They added: "We demand that you immediately take steps to remove all infringing materials from your website, social media accounts, and other marketing materials and that you provide us with written confirmation of your compliance with this cease-and-desist letter within 7 days."

If the pub fails to comply with the owners' demands, they will take 'legal action.'

Director of The Duke of Cumberland Joshua Macaulay said: "We have reviewed the matter and can confirm our event does not meet the legal threshold for trademark infringement.

"Karen's Diner doesn’t own copyright over rude service but because they are upset that we've called it a similar name we have changed the name to avoid any confusion to "The Duke’s night of rude service, open brackets, Nothing to do with Karen's Diner, close brackets."

The event will be going ahead at The Duke of Cumberland on September 7 starting at 5pm.