A Kendal-born actor got to experience the glitz and glamour of the National Television Awards .

Neil Ashton plays the part of Davey MacDonagh in Sky comedy 'Brassic', which was nominated for the first time ahead of its fifth season.

Mr Ashton said: "The only way to describe it [the NTAs] was that it was like a carnival circus.

"You've got people shouting your name and bright lights shining in your face, whilst people you recognise off the telly walk by."

The Westmorland Gazette: Neil AshtonNeil Ashton (Image: Submitted)

The actor made a name for himself after appearing in the influential drama 'It's a Sin', though he was unable to attend the glamorous event when the show received its acclaim.

"All I wanted to do was grab some popcorn and sit on the red carpet, soaking everything in," he said.

Whilst the cast of Brassic left empty-handed, losing out to US comedy 'Young Sheldon', Ashton was still upbeat about being a part of the show.

"Of course, it's very disappointing, mainly because I wanted the show to win for those who've been a part of it from the very beginning," he said.

"But we still got to enjoy ourselves as a cast, with a glass or two of bubbly!"

The only damper on events was, much to Mr Ashton's surprise, the fabled afterparty.

"I went in and there was this three-piece band playing, like it was some sort of old wedding reception," he said.

"How was I supposed to dance to that?"

The actor was quick to praise the fanbase that has welcomed him as part of the show, and helped the comedy receive the nomination.

"I absolutely love the fans because they're always interacting with us on social media and in person," he said.

"Most of the time, they actually know more about the show than we do."

With Brassic set for its season 5 premiere on Sky on September 28, and a sixth season already commissioned, Mr Ashton was optimistic about the show's chances at next year's awards show.

"I've already reserved my seat, putting a piece of paper on it saying that its property of Neil Ashton," he said.

"We're going to be back."