THUNDER and lightning are forecast for Sunday evening in Kendal. 

The humid and slightly overcast weather we have seen this week will continue throughout today and most of tomorrow, but will end with a bang with the Met Office predicting two hours of thundery showers between 6pm and 8pm. 

The Met Office forecast said that today will be cloudy with sunny intervals in the evening, and that tonight will be 'uncomfortably warm' with temperatures hovering around 16-18C. 

Until the thundery showers tomorrow evening, the day will be mostly cloudy with some sunny intervals in the morning. 

This is the hour-by-hour weather temperature forecast for this weekend: 

11am - 19C

Noon - 20C

1pm - 21C

2pm - 22C

3pm - 22C

4pm - 22C

5pm - 21C

6pm - 20C

7pm - 20C

8pm - 19C

9pm - 18C

10pm -18C

11pm - 18C


Midnight - 17C

1am - 17C

2am - 17C

3am - 17C

4am - 16C

5am - 16C

6am - 16C

7am - 17C

8am - 18C

9am - 19C

10am - 21C

11am - 22C

Noon - 23C

1pm - 24C

2pm - 24C

3pm - 24C

4pm - 23C

5pm - 23C

6pm - 22C

7pm - 21C

8pm - 20C

9pm - 20C

10pm - 19C

11pm - 19C