A team of 30 people has raised over £3,00 for a hospice after taking part in the Great North Run.

The event took place in Newcastle on Sunday with the entirety of the group's proceeds going to St Mary's Hospice in Ulverston.

Those involved were employees and volunteers at the hospice, as well as patrons paying tribute to the care the hospice had provided over the years.

Freyah Nelson, one of the runners, said: "It was a wonderful weekend, even with the floods.

"I'm extremely proud of our team and that we can help my mum's place of work for the fantastic work they do."The Westmorland Gazette: Freyah Nelson was one of 30 people running for St Mary's HospiceFreyah Nelson was one of 30 people running for St Mary's Hospice (Image: Freyah Nelson)

With temperatures soaring across the weekend, the efforts of the group were made even more commendable.

Ronan Simpson added: "I found it went very well yesterday. The heat was a bit challenging but the support from everyone along kept me going and made it a lot easier!

"I am going to carry on running and take part in more events next year including the GNR to try and achieve a better completion time."The Westmorland Gazette: Ronan Simpson has raised £460 so farRonan Simpson has raised £460 so far (Image: Ronan Simpson)

Melissa Dixon, the Events and Challenges manager at St Mary's, was involved in encouraging all participants and making sure they managed to get over the finish line.

"This group have raised a phenomenal amount of money which helps to support local patients and their families to access all of our services within the local community and within the hospice building," she sai

Many of the runners got involved to pay the hospice back for the crucial role they've played in looking after loved ones over the years.

"Dad was diagnosed with MND in October 2013, we were told he had between two and five years to live, but he died almost six months to the day from diagnosis," Carole Smith explained.

"He was cared for in the last two weeks of his life by the amazing staff at St Mary's Hospice, they truly are angels in disguise."The Westmorland Gazette: Members of the team who raised funds for the hospiceMembers of the team who raised funds for the hospice (Image: Melissa Dixon; Freyah Nelson)