A man undertaking the challenge of walking across the entire UK coastline has arrived in Cumbria with the help of freemasons.

Chris Jones started the endeavour on January 1 this year, looking to promote better mental health for men. 

He is raising money for Masonic, a charity created by freemasons that helped him get through a mental health crisis.

Mr Jones said: "When I first had the idea, the plan was to just walk into the sunset and see what happens, because I was struggling that much, so much so that I sold my company.

"Then I was forced to stay at home when Covid happened and I had to really contend with why my mental wellbeing was spiralling."The Westmorland Gazette: Chris Jones with the Cumbria FreemasonsChris Jones with the Cumbria Freemasons (Image: Chris Jones)

Along the journey, Mr Jones has been assisted by freemasons, a group he has been a part of for 12 years.

"I wanted to see whether their traditional values still exist in 2023, based around assisting people who were travelling the country as stonemasons.

"The response has been really overwhelming, and one of the reasons why I've been able to keep going for so long."

Starting in Skegness, Mr Jones said that it was a breath of fresh air once he arrived in Cumbria, getting to walk along coastal roads and across beaches.

"The Cumbrian people have been brilliant as well, helping me every step along the way.

"I've had people bringing me into their homes and feeding me, with complete strangers truly going out of their way to show their support."

The conversations he has been having with the people he meets typically revolve around mental health, with the purpose to kickstart a nationwide discussion on the topic.

The Westmorland Gazette: Chris Jones making a stop at the Cumbria freemasonsChris Jones making a stop at the Cumbria freemasons (Image: Chris Jones)

Mr Jones is currently making his way through Sellafield, with the entire adventure set to last around 18 months.

An important personal date is hoped to be the end point of the journey.

"It's our 30th wedding anniversary next year so I better be home for that, otherwise I'll get in trouble."

Mr Jones' blog, detailing his journey, can be found here, along with links to his donation page.