A SICK search dog has received an 'overwhelming' amount of support from people in the Lake District.

Lewis, a black labrador, required surgery after eating a large amount of grass and his owner now wants to use his story to better educate other dog owners. 

Lewis is a part of the Lake District Seach Dogs Association and alarm bells started to ring when his demeanour became more timid.

His owner Christyne Judge said: "On Sunday, he just couldn't get comfortable and refused to eat anything.

"If you knew Lewis you'd know that that was a major warning sign because he needs a slow-eating bowl just to keep him at bay."The Westmorland Gazette: Lewis with owner Christyne JudgeLewis with owner Christyne Judge (Image: Christyne Judge)

Living in Hawkshead, Lewis was taken to the vets in Windermere, where he was given pain-relief before an x-ray was taken on Monday, September 4.

While nothing was immediately found, Lewis' condition continued to deteriorate over the week, meaning that surgery was eventually required.

"They pulled out a lot of grass and I mean they kept pulling and pulling," Mrs Judge explained.

"It was like a knot in his stomach, very much like a fur ball."

Mrs Judge admitted to not knowing the consequences that could come from a dog eating the tall, thick grass that was found in Lewis.

"When I found out, I wanted to let people know because I believe there will be people out there who could find themselves in the same position as I did," she said.The Westmorland Gazette: Lewis captured loving life before the incidentLewis captured loving life before the incident (Image: Christyne Judge)

Following the operation, Lewis has not quite recovered from his struggles but will be making his first expedition out the house next Monday.

"Lewis is looking forward to meeting up with his search dog friends, and he's also missed his Nana Mo who he's not seen since he's been poorly," said Mrs Judge.

After posting about Lewis on Facebook, Mrs Judge said she was overwhelmed by well-wishers.

"One woman even got in touch asking to pay for his treatment but he's insured as a working dog," she said.

"I suggested she make a donation to the Lake District Search Dogs Association and other people can do so too."