A Jamaican artist's work, which was celebrated by pop sensation Freddie Mercury, is to be sold in Kendal.

Rudi Patterson, who died in 2013, is being celebrated at the Signature Gallery in Kirkland on September 23 in a show titled 'Visions of Colour'.

The collection of 60 paintings will be on display for six weeks until November, with visitors having the chance to buy them.

John Hackett, the executor of Rudi's estate, said: "Even though the event is running in tandem with Sotheby's of London, we want the local people to know that this isn't an exclusive showing.

"Rudi would have wanted as many people to see and own his paintings as possible."

Mr Hackett added that the artwork on offer will be 'reasonably priced', starting at around £60.The Westmorland Gazette: Rudi Patterson and one his paintings, 'Wild Flowers'Rudi Patterson and one his paintings, 'Wild Flowers' (Image: Rudi Patterson Estate)

Mr Patterson was born in 1933 in a sugar plantation town in south-east Jamaica, with the Caribbean backdrop a major influence on his work.

Throughout his career, the artist was prolific and a global hit, hosting 40 exhibitions all over the world, including in places such as Bahrain, New York and Melbourne.

After studying in Kingston, Mr Patterson moved to London as one of the pioneer Windrush generation, with his flat in North Kensington acting as his studio.

From there, he proceeded to paint the landscapes of his home country from memory after a water-skiing accident tempered his burgeoning acting and modelling career.The Westmorland Gazette: One of the paintings that will be on display and available to buy in KendalOne of the paintings that will be on display and available to buy in Kendal (Image: Rudi Patterson Estate)

Collectors of Mr Patterson's creations include Stevie Wonder, Twiggy, Andy Williams, Zadie Smith and Freddie Mercury.

Mercury's own collection of 15 paintings are included in the auction of his possessions taking place at Sotheby's later this month.

The launch celebration at will open at noon and last until 4.30pm, coinciding with Kendal Torchlight 2023.