A world-famous view is in jeopardy due to some 'unsightly saplings' that are growing in front of it.

The stunning vantage point is from a car park just outside Windermere on the A592 (Rayrigg Road) close to Cook’s Corner roundabout.

Heading off this roundabout in the direction of Bowness,  the car park is not far along on the right-hand side.

The view from Hammarbank Car Park in Windermere was mentioned by one of the first feminist sociologists, Harriet Martineau, in her book - A Complete Guide to the English Lakes in 1855.

She described the vantage point as 'a view unsurpassed for beauty in the whole of the Lake District'.

The Westmorland Gazette: The wild trees that are obscuring the view of WindermereProfessor John Wilson, of Windermere Estate, Ellerey, who was acquainted with poet William Wordsworth, went even further.

He described it as 'a terrace to which there was nothing to compare in the hanging gardens of Babylon.'

"There is the widest breadth of water and the most magnificent background of mountains not only in Westmorland but, believe us, in all the World," he said.

Local resident Jonathan Ward wrote to the Trees and Woodland Officer at Lake District National Park Authority just over two years ago to try and get the trees removed. 

He said: "Such a pity that LDNPA has so far stubbornly refused to remove several recent, and presumably self-seeded trees which are threatening to permanently obscure this wonderful outlook.  

"The situation becomes worse in summer with all the luxuriant foliage.  This view is of regional and national significance, which is more than can be said of these unsightly saplings.

"Unlike a lot of other views which may require a climb such as the likes of Orrest Head, this spectacular view is also very accessible to everyone including disabled people."

The viewpoint is mentioned as one of the Lake District National Park Authority’s ‘Miles without Stiles’ views for those with limited mobility, along with a few other viewpoints around the area.

The telescope at the vantage point costs £1 to use.

A spokesperson for LDNPA said: "We are looking to clear much of this overgrown vegetation on our land here.  Trimming the trees will open up the space and as a result restore much of the iconic Hammarbank view point.”