A MOTORIST found in possession of a machete in a car at a Cumbria motorway service station had used a similar blade during a terrifying post office armed robbery in 2017.

Kyle Allison, 30, had been equipped with a machete when he and a partner-in-crime burst into a post office in Derbyshire during May that year. They stole £1,100 before fleeing.

Two months later, Allison was jailed for four years by a judge who locked up a gang of other criminals who had committed raids across the Burton area.

But Allison was back on the police radar at around 10am on July 25, 2023

Police approached a Seat Arona at Tebay motorway services, off the M6, and found he was the sole occupant. After a constable detected a strong smell of cannabis, both Allison and his car were searched with a red-handled machete and a kitchen knife recovered among the items recovered. Small amounts of cannabis were also located, resulting in Allison being taken into custody at Kendal police station.

He was asked to provide a specimen for analysis. “Na, I refuse,” he responded. “Get a razor to cut me.”

Asked if there was a medical issue, Allison said: “Just my own personal reasons.” When asked for clarification, he responded: “I have a problem with needles.”

Allison admitted illegal bladed article possession, cannabis possession and failing to provide a specimen for analysis. He had 17 past offences on his criminal record, including robbery and threatening a person with a blade in relation to the 2017 raid for which he had been jailed at Stafford Crown Court.

He was sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court today (thurs) when defence barrister Michael O’Brien accepted the defendant’s guilty pleas were the main mitigation.

“Mr Allison is realistic and understands that there is a somewhat predictable outcome to today’s hearing,” said Mr O’Brien.

Allison had hoped that any prison term could be suspended in view of a probation service pre-sentence report. “There is evidence of a renewed insight in that report. There is evidence of vigour to get himself back on track and to seek employment,” said Mr O’Brien. “His mother will have him back at her address.”

But Judge Nicholas Barker imposed an immediate eight-month prison sentence, ordering Allison, of Belvedere Road, Burton-on-Trent, to also complete a two-year driving ban when released.

“Knife crime is a serious problem in society,” said Judge Barker, who described the offending machete as “alarming”. “If knives are moved around openly, in public, then they can fall into the wrong hands or be used in unlawful or unintended ways.”