Lancashire County Council has drafted proposals for new parking restrictions designed to enhance road safety and improve traffic movement in Warton.

Suggestions include the implementation of 'no waiting at any time' restrictions, marked by double yellow lines on Main Street.

Present parking practices are provoking concerns, such as the obstruction of sightlines and road space, contributing to incidents which have resulted in injuries.

Parking is also hindering the movement of larger vehicles, with buses being especially impacted.

The council's plan includes the establishment of 'no waiting at any time' restrictions on the northern side of Main Street between Church Hill Avenue to just north of Coach Road/Borwick Lane.

It also calls for the imposition of brief restrictions on the southern side of the street to ensure some passing areas.

Additional short length restrictions are proposed around the junctions of Borwick Lane, Coach Road, and Church Hill Avenue to maintain visibility.

County Councillor Rupert Swarbrick, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "There have been some safety issues, with parked vehicle contributing to incidents where people have been injured. People have also reported problems using the already narrow pavements, and we want to avoid any incident which may result if vehicles continue mounting the kerb to pass.

"People generally park on the south side of the road rather than the north side in recognition that double parking would effectively block the road, so the proposed restrictions along the north side are intended to reinforce this existing practice.

"The proposed restrictions on short lengths of the south side of Main Street are intended to create spaces where drivers can see ahead and pull in if necessary to let others through, which is particularly important for larger vehicles such as buses.

"Some of these restrictions are across existing accesses or opposite junctions where parking would anyway be inappropriate, as we still want to allow people to park in safe places which will not cause problems."

The consultation takes place from September 14 to October 12, and the full plan can be viewed on the Lancashire County Council website.

Here you will also find details on how to show support or your objections towards the proposal.