A horror writer based in Kendal is bringing a play about witches to the county this October.

Rosie Seymour, originally from Lancashire, is taking inspiration from the infamous 17th century Pendle Hill witch trials.

The play, titled 'Vinegar Tom', was written by Caryl Churchill in the 1970s and follows the story of what happens to a group of villagers when a herd of cattle become sick.The Westmorland Gazette: Dress rehearsals for Vinegar Tom started this weekDress rehearsals for Vinegar Tom started this week (Image: Rosie Seymour)

Mrs Seymour said: "A couple who own a farm see their cattle die and immediately want to figure out the cause.

"Suspicion turns to their neighbours and the play revolves around the subsequent claims of witchcraft."

The show's premise focuses on the power imbalance between genders, with those women free from persecution only being so because of protection from the patriarchy.

Starring actors from the local community, 'Vinegar Tom' will be performed at the Bryce Institute between October 5-7.