T-Rex fans and film lovers had what was described as a 'magical night' for a special screening of new British film Bolan's Shoes at Ulverston's Roxy Cinema.

Marc Bolan was guitarist and singer-songwriter for T-Rex and was a pioneer of the glam rock movement in the early 1970s.

Alongside its director and writer Ian Puleston-Davies, Paul Fenton, the original drummer, attended the evening and took questions from the audience.

The film stars actors including Mathew Horne (Gavin and Stacey) and Timothy Spall (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet).

Charles Morris, of Northern Morris cinemas,  said: "It was a magical night and we had well over a hundred people there. Some came a good way - one couple came from the south coast, and there were some who came by train who had never been to the Roxy before.   

"You could have heard a pin drop whilst the film was on. It was dramatic and quite emotional at times but with a few lighter moments. 

"The scenery was impressive too, with views of Anglesey and journeys over the Menai bridge and through north Wales. There were several shots of the Marc Bolan Shrine in London and for me particularly it was nice to see shots of Liverpool, as I come from there."

The Westmorland Gazette: A still from the new Bolan's Showa film starring Timothy Spall (left) and Leanne Best (right)

According to Charles, Paul was asked about life with T-Rex and if he regretted turning down Paul McCartney to play with the Beatles.  His answer was that he turned McCartney down due to loyalty to the band he was with at the time - though didn't reveal which band he was talking about.

The Westmorland Gazette: T-REX: Paul Fenton (left) with the former lead singer    Marc Bolan, who was tragically killed in a car crashSUBMITTEDWriter Ian was asked how he came to direct his first film, having spent almost forty years as an actor in many TV programmes. In particular, he was asked what it was like as a first-timer trying to direct Timothy Spall, to which he said that they developed a good rapport and hit it off straight away.

The audience lingered quite a while talking after the film had ended and Paul and Ian were reported to be both very friendly and easy to talk to.

Charles added: "The whole evening will go down in the history of the Roxy as a very happy event and one to be remembered."