A year in the life of an Ambleside resident is to be shown in a book of sketches based around the Lake District.

Liz Wakelin's first published book is titled 'Sketching a Year in Lakeland', with a launch party taking place on October 13 at Ambleside Parish Hall.

Each page will contain handdrawn artwork that builds upon her participation in the community and enjoyment of the surrounding natural landscape.

Mrs Wakelin said: "I've always sketched, keeping personal diaries of my life through these drawings.

"It was during Covid that I kept one of these diaries specifically for that period of my life and I posted a few snippets online."

The Westmorland Gazette: An example of how the artwork came to lifeAn example of how the artwork came to life (Image: Liz Wakelin)

When a team member from Inspired by Lakeland, a company that specialises in producing items inspired by the area, Mrs Wakelin admitted to not initially believing that the offer was real.

"I thought it was spam to be honest because it was too good to be true!

"It came just a month after one of my friends suggested that I think about publishing some of my work, so maybe it was meant to be."

The book will provide an insight into her daily life in Ambleside, as well as illustrating the natural beauty that all locals get to appreciate.

"I would spend two weeks going about my life and drawing in different locations," she explained.

"Then, for the next two weeks, I would take what I'd produced and transform into two double page spreads, meaning you get a real sense of how my year developed, as well as how the Lake District changes over that time."

The Westmorland Gazette: Mrs Wakelin captured producing some of her work, alongside an example of it being transferred to the finished productMrs Wakelin captured producing some of her work, alongside an example of it being transferred to the finished product (Image: Barry and Liz Wakelin)

Ahead of the launch party, which runs between 6pm and 8pm, Mrs Wakelin was quick to confess that she never predicted that such an event would be organised for her work.

"It's just all new and exciting, but I can't wait," she said.

"There's going to be cakes and drinks for everyone who comes, along with plenty of book signings."

More information about the book and the launch event can be found here.