CUMBRIA'S Abbi Lawson said she had an 'amazing time' after being shown the door in the Great British Bake Off's third week.

Abbi, aged 27, was judged to be the worst contestant on the programme on Tuesday night.

It was the show's dreaded Bread Week, which comes with added pressure thanks to Paul Hollywood's proficiency in that particular baking scene.

Speaking after her departure, Abbi, from Tebay, said: "What an incredible thing to do, bake cakes in a tent!

"I've had a truly wonderful time and met some absolutely amazing and talented people."

In the first challenge, tasked with making a cottage loaf, Abbi's offering was deemed to be too flat and overpowered by its garlic flavour.

For the technical challenge, the contestants were made to bake Devonshire Splits, a classic dessert served with jam and cream.

Ultimately, Abbi's creations were said to be too small compared to the rest, as well as being dense as a result.

"I'm so proud of everything I achieved in my time in the tent, and I'm so grateful for everything I've learnt, from the judges, the bakers, and about myself," Abbi added.

"I loved every minute of it - even when Janice [her cottage loaf] decided she was going to rise outwards instead of upwards."

The Westmorland Gazette: Abbi made herself popular on the show and in the Cumbrian community thanks to her love of vegAbbi made herself popular on the show and in the Cumbrian community thanks to her love of veg (Image: Home Grown Here)

A plaited centrepiece was the task for the final Showstopper Challenge and, although Abbi's flavours were said to be wonderfully different, they weren't enough to save her from going home.

The Cumbrian community have come out in support of Abbi since her first appearance on the show, thanks to her contributions with local theatre, church and vegetable growing initiatives.

Further public sympathy was posted online, with one user on X [formerly Twitter] saying: "Abbi was just fabulous and I loved her foraging for her ingredients."

"Sad to see Abbi go, enjoyed watching her," another posted.

In her farewell message, Abbi herself said that she was looking forward to what the rest of the series has in store for viewers.