An arts centre in Kendal has applied for a grant to help improve accessibility and expand the creative learning programme on offer.

Brewery Arts, located on Highgate, has applied for £5,000 from the Holehird Trust to improve the digital lounge cinema projector, fit out a dedicated space (Studio 4) for talent development in music production, filmmaking and animation as well as installing a lift to provide an accessible workspace.

The Holehird Trust committee, of which Westmorland and Furness Council, is a trustee, has recommended granting Kendal Brewery Arts £2,000 towards the project.

A report prepared by Brewery Arts states: “This project will improve accessibility to the building, expand the creative learning programme, and enhance the cultural cinema offer at Brewery Arts, Cumbria’s flagship cultural venue for live art, entertainment and talent development.”

The report adds: “Brewery Arts believes that everyone has the capacity to be creative, to express their ideas, inspire new ways of thinking and foster better understanding of the world. A key enabler here is having modern facilities more relevant, more accessible to lots of different groups.

“Studio 4 will provide a range of health, wellbeing and educational benefits to Westmorland and Furness communities especially young people and those who currently have limited opportunities to partake in arts and culture. Alongside, this it will be a unique space for artists and creative entrepreneurs to develop innovative work and practice.”

The applicant adds that prior to the COVID pandemic, the average attendance for all their activities was 200,000 a year.

According to the application, Brewery Arts are also applying to the Rural England Prosperity Fund, The Steel Charitable Trust and The Hadfield Trust.

The Holehird Trust Committee will consider the application on Tuesday (October 17) at Kendal County Hall.