THERE will be sunshine and scattered showers this weekend in Kendal.

According to the Met Office, it was a chilly morning today (Saturday), feeling colder than in previous days. The scattered showers may turn heavy at times, even wintery in the highest hills. 

The showers will be confined to coastal areas overnight, and there may be a rural frost tomorrow morning. The minimum temperature will be 0c. Sunday will be a largely dry and sunny day. 

Hour by hour: 

1pm - 7C

2pm - 7C

3pm - 9C

4pm - 8C

5pm - 8C

6pm - 7C

7pm - 6C

8pm - 6C

9pm - 6C

10pm - 5C

11pm - 5C


Midnight - 5C

1am - 3C

2am - 3C

3am - 3C

4am - 3C

5am - 2C

6am - 2C

7am - 1C

8am - 2C

9am - 3C

10am - 5C

11am - 6C

Noon - 8C

1pm - 9C

2pm - 10C

3pm - 10C

4pm - 10C

5pm - 9C

6pm - 7C

7pm - 6C

8pm - 6C

9pm - 5C

10pm - 5C

11pm - 5C