AN ADVENTURER says he broke the Guinness World Record for crossing Loch Ness in a single kayak in the fastest time.

Peter Hart from Windermere recorded a time of three hours thirty-eight minutes and thirty-eight seconds, says that he broke the record previously held by Steven Mackinnon of Nairn Kayak Club of three hours forty-two minutes and seven seconds.

The paddler managed to kayak the length of 21 miles from Forst Augustus to Dores on Monday, October 16.

To have a chance of breaking the record, Mr Hart said he had to maintain a speed of '5.7 miles per hour.'

"Conditions at the start were ideal, flat and calm," said Mr Hart, who is retired.

"However, approximately halfway down the Loch, conditions became rougher as the wind speed increased. I was glad he was paddling his Epic racing sea kayak, which is fast but also relatively stable.

"During the last 5 miles, I was able to increase my paddling speed slightly as I saw Dores and the finishing line in the distance."

Although Mr Hart didn't get a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster, he said he did have a 'fright.'

"When, not far from the finishing line in Dores Bay, a submerged log hit my rudder, sending me sideways into the waves and almost causing me to capsize."

The Westmorland Gazette: Peter Hart's kayaking track record.Peter Hart's kayaking track record. (Image: Peter Hart)Mr Hart says that, at first, he thought he 'hadn't broken the record.'

He said: "It was quite challenging. I was absolutely tired after it. It was quite cold on the day because I was in Scotland, and as soon as I finished the challenge, it got cold, so I had to get the kayak and get in the car quickly.

In 2021, Peter Hart and Keith Longney, from Kendal, received the confirmation that they had broken the Guinness World Record for canoeing Loch Ness in a two-man canoe.

Next year, Mr Hart hopes to have a go at the 126-mile Thames challenge with Mr Longney in a double kayak.