A MAN with an extensive history of heroin addiction and other substance misuse died as a result of drug consumption, a coroner has ruled.

Steven Mann, aged 55, was pronounced dead by paramedics at his home in Battlebarrow in Appleby.

Cockermouth Coroner's Court heard that his mother had heard Steven moving around during the night and that his brother had heard him snoring loudly before he went to bed.

The following morning on May 1 he was found unresponsive. 

Paramedics attended the address along with two police officers who seized a mobile phone, drugs and a syringe.

Cockermouth Coroner's Court heard Steven had lived a ‘very dangerous lifestyle’ for the majority of his life having originally become addicted to heroin at an early age while working at a paper mill in the 1990s.

In a statement read out to the court, Steven’s mother said: “Someone had said to Steven try this and it will help you get through the night. It was free initially and one thing led to another, and it became a habit."

“Steven’s personality then changed."

“When he was taking drugs, he would laugh and deny he was taking anything.

“His drug addiction has been a life sentence for the best part of 30 years.”

Toxicology evidence showed Steven had toxic levels of prescribed methadone and zopiclone in his system.

He was also found to have alprazolam, diazepam and the cocaine metabolite of benzoylecgonine, all of which contributed towards his death.

The court heard there were no suspicious circumstances or any suggestion of any third-party involvement relating to his death.

Recording the medical cause of death as ‘hypertensive heart disease and drug use’ and ‘sorosis’, Coroner Robert Cohen said: “It is clear Steven had his demons, but it is also clear he had the benefit of parents who loved him and who tried to support him.

“I have considered the possibility that this was suicide, but I am not satisfied that Steven’s intention was to harm himself or to take his own life. It is my judgement that the best conclusion is a drug-related death.

“I am sorry we have had to meet in these circumstances.”