Motorists have warned each other on social media of fifteen-minute delays that are currently being experienced at a busy through-road in Kendal.

Works were scheduled to take place in and around Castle Street by Electricity North West until October 30 with ongoing works also taking place by the Environment Agency's (EA) as part of a flood relief scheme.

The flood defence works began on October 7 and could continue for over 18 months while renovation work takes place on an existing river wall which is damaged.

These works are set to end around June/ July 2024.

A 'give and take' traffic management system is currently in place at the road's junction at St George's Walk which closes off one side of the road 'tapering' traffic into single file.

Closures are also in place at Castle Crescent and St George's Walk whilst more electricity works, gas works and water works take place. 

Motorists have warned others to 'avoid' the area around St George's Church with one man stating that he had 'never seen so much building work in my 38 years in Kendal.'