It is set to be a typically autumnal day across Kendal and the South Lakes region, with clouds the main feature of the forecast.

That means it is probably best that you make the most of the extra hour in bed before venturing outside.

10:00am: A temperature of 10 degrees, joined by clouds and a 20% chance of rain.

11:00am: A temperature of 11 degrees, accompanied by the same chance of rain.

12 noon: The chance of rain will drop to 12%, with temperatures remaining consistent.

1:00pm: The beginning of a brief dry spell. Temperatures will tick up to 12 degrees.

2:00pm: The sun might be able to make an appearance amongst the constant backdrop of clouds, with temperatures staying the same.

3:00pm: There is a 10% chance of rain, but the sun is still forecast to battle through.

4:00pm: Temperatures will start to slide downwards, returning to 11 degrees.

5:00pm: The downward trend continues as the evening draws in. The departure of the sun will be accompanied by temperatures of 10 degrees.

6:00pm: Lows of nine degrees with a 15% chance of rain.

7:00pm: Darker clouds are expected throughout the night, and there will be a 34% chance of rain.

8:00pm: A 47% chance of rain but, otherwise, conditions are expected to remain the same.

9:00pm: The probability of rain becomes even more likely towards the very end of the day, with a 63% chance of precipitation.

10:00pm: Temperatures of nine degrees will likely be joined by rain, with a 65% chance.

11:00pm: The end of the day will actually see the chances of rain drop slightly, down to a 60% probability.