These are the inquests happening across next week, with a number of the deceased originating from South Cumbria.

Coroners Ms Margaret Taylor and Ms Kirsty Gomersal will hear evidence before determining how the following people died.

Tuesday, October 31

10:00am: Katy Bason; Aged 47 from Whitehaven. Date of death: March 9.

11:00am: David A. Graham; Aged 46 from Whitehaven. Date of death: May 26. 

2:00pm: Alan Ure; Aged 58 from Brampton. Date of death: May 26.

3:00pm: Mary Cannell; Aged 95 from Kendal. Date of death: April 28.

Thursday, November 2

10:00am: Kevin Gale; Aged 62 from Penrith. Date of death: March 4, 2022.

After 4:00pm: Elizabeth Anne Blessett; Aged 72 from Milnthorpe. Date of death: September 25, 2023.

Joseph Postlethwaite; Aged 81 from Workington. Date of death: September 22.

Joseph Simpson; Aged 92 from Frizington. Date of death: September 15.

After 4:30pm: Mary Copeland; Aged 91 from Whitehaven. Date of death: September 28.

Nigel Roy Fisher; Aged 62 from Ulverston. Date of death: September 25.

Elizabeth Riley; Aged 79 from Carlisle. Date of death: September 18.