The latest arrival at Milnthorpe's Lakeland Wildlife Oasis has a special connection to one of its most famous exhibits.

The young fossa is the great-great-granddaughter of Perdy, who was the third-oldest recorded fossa in captivity.

Arriving from Chester Zoo in the spring, she was born in 2022 and will be the prospective new girlfriend for the zoo’s resident male, Mango.

Dan Eccles, Manager of Living Collections, explained: “We’re one of only six places in the UK where you can you can see fossa. 

"If the introductions go well with Mango, they’ll be a breeding pair - it’s an incredible opportunity for the Oasis, our visitors, and fossa survival.”

The Westmorland Gazette: Record-breaker Perdy will be remembered through the arrival of her descendantRecord-breaker Perdy will be remembered through the arrival of her descendant (Image: Katie Greenwood)

Fossa are secretive, slender, cat-like predators found only among the tropical forest of Madagascar.

Due to devastating 90% habitat loss, the species is feared to be on the brink of extinction, with fewer than 2,600 estimated to be surviving in the wild.

The Oasis is part of the European Captive Breeding Programme, a vital lifeline to preserving the species.

Matriarch Perdy was at the Oasis for 14 years before she died in autumn 2021 at a record age of 22.

Not only popular with visitors, she started a legendary legacy, with healthy offspring going on to help propagate the species in zoos across Europe.

“The right environment will be vital to encouraging relaxed, natural behaviour," Mr Eccles said.

“We’re incredibly grateful for every donation, however small, which will allow us to say 'thank you' by providing the best fossa views possible."

The Westmorland Gazette: An adult fossa captured on cameraAn adult fossa captured on camera (Image: Katie Greenwood)

The zoo has launched a crowdfunding page for donations towards building a bespoke fossa penthouse.

A planned new triple-size enclosure will allow the new arrival to settle into her own territory, while able to see and communicate with Mango in his bachelor pad.

Normally solitary creatures, introductions will be done slowly and carefully throughout 2024, timed for the female reaching maturity in 2025.

The Oasis’ Crowdfunder page is available here, with the latest updates about all the animals posted here.