AN astrologer has made her appearance on MTV's popular and long-running reality show Teen Mum UK.

An MTV producer asked Deborah Maw from Burton in Lonsdale in January to run a retreat for one of the mums, Sassi Simmonds, who was 'having a crisis of confidence.'

The retreat took place in March in North Wales and was aired on Wednesday, October 11.

Teen Mum UK follows the lives of young British moms as they balance the demands of motherhood while entering adulthood.

"The filming shows me working with the young mum, helping her to transform from being very lost and confused back to her bubbly, confident self," said the 66-year-old astrologer.

"We all got on so well and had a great time and much fun. We all worked together to create this episode.

"The experience was amazing. I forgot about the cameras a lot of the time."

Deborah said that Sassi's 'transformation' was incredible.

She said: "I was aware that this was going to be watched by hundreds of thousands of young people and that I wasn't just helping this young girl but helping all these young people somehow.

"There is something about the retreat, but people wake up to something in themselves."