A Westmorland group have been forced to close their doors after over 60 years of promoting Appleby's music scene.

North Westmorland Arts have taken a final curtain bow and left the stage after no replacements were found to lead the group.

The date of their original incorporation has been lost but, over the years, they have brought musicians from all around the world to local audiences in both Appleby Castle and the town’s public hall.

NWA Chairman and Concert Arranger, Andrew Forsyth, said: "The final AGM was held at the end of July and, with no replacements for myself and the secretary after a two year search, it is with great sadness that the society has to be wound up.

"Should there be a like-minded group who would like to fill the vacuum left by NWA’s closure, I would be very happy to assist them with advice and even a ready-made constitution."

Mr Forsyth used the opportunity to look back on the history of the group and the music they have helped bring to life over the years.

"Many of the performers appeared to have enjoyed the experience of a warm Appleby welcome and the stunning acoustics of the public hall as much as their audiences enjoyed the concerts.

"And NWA have seen many of the younger artists go on to become truly international stars in their field."

The loss of the group did not have to be entirely bad news, with a charitable donation being the last act of the organisation.

"On a happier note, NWA were left with cash reserves and the committee unanimously agreed with the suggestion that these be transferred to the wonderful Sunbeams Music Trust at Redhills, Penrith," Mr Forsyth explained.

"The committee were invited to a concert by percussionists “O Duo” at Sunbeams and this gave us the opportunity to hand over a cheque to Annie Mawson MBE to assist in the wonderful work they do providing musical therapy to the disabled community in Cumbria and the northwest."