TRAFFIC was blocked for over half an hour on a road in Bowness yesterday (November 4) after a man reportedly collapsed whilst crossing the road with his dog.

Local man Richard Glenister, along with many others, rushed to help the man as he lay motionless across the uphill lane of Crag Brow - just a bit further up from the Albert pub.

The incident happened just after 10.30am with an ambulance arriving within ten minutes of Richard making the call. 

He said: "It was a really impressive response from the ambulance service, however the road was completely blocked for over half an hour, including a bus, because of legally parked vehicles making the road so narrow.

"I hope the casualty is okay as the ambulance didn’t depart until around an hour after arrival, presumably stabilising the patient and I did wonder who looked after the dog.

"Well done emergency services and public who assisted."

According to Richard, a rapid response vehicle also arrived with police arriving in around 25 minutes.

The current condition of the man is not known however he is believed to have been treated at the scene.

The Westmorland Gazette has contacted Cumbria police and North West Ambulance Service (NWAS).