RapidEyeMovers is launching a "revolutionary" games festival, Humanise, set to transform Kendal.

The event, announced by RapidEyeMovers Director Jörg Tittel and Matt Burke, is crafted to pivot standard gaming festivals.

Instead of the typical solitary digital gaming environment, Kendal's landscapes will turn into a communal physical playground, bringing the mechanics of games into real-world experiences.

Envisioned akin to a music or literature festival, Humanise organisers say it does not seek to compete with existing gaming events but instead aims to provide unique experiences through collaboration and human exchange.

At the event's core, three pillars- think, feel, move, cater to the varying interests, abilities, and needs of attendees.

The Westmorland Gazette: Abbott Hall

Jörg Tittel explained the motive behind such an immersive gaming experience: “Since their birth in the arcades, video games have been social and physical experiences, bringing people from all ages and backgrounds together in the joy of play.

"With the rise of digital platforms – and accelerated by the challenges of the pandemic – games have been further removed from their roots.

"Games are not tech. They are culture. With games now the world’s dominant art and entertainment, it is time to celebrate, explore and remind people of what makes games human."

Kendal's established and 'found' venues, its College's Mall, 'The Box Theatre,' along with niche restaurants and bars, will host a variety of events.

These will range from an arcade competition with the world's largest arcade stick to the first VR eSports tournament.

Smaller events will also be scattered across the city, featuring tabletop RPG, board games, meetups, indie game developers' talks, and live music.

Matt Burke said: "Through my roles at LICAF [The Lakes International Comic Art Festival] and Kendal Mountain Festival, I have instilled the philosophy of an annual ‘tribal gathering’ being at the heart of each event.

"Guests have come to embrace this, with public and visitor interactions forging inspirational experiences, creative conversations and unforgettable interactions.”

A three-day event scheduled for 2024, although though the exact dates have not been formalised.