A new photography exhibition, 'The Gallery of Greats', is celebrating the achievements of some of the UK's most inspiring educators.

The special showcase, organised by the Teaching Awards Trust, will feature Cumbrian teacher Matthew Jessop of Crosthwaite CofE School.

Collaborating with photographer and part-time educator, Donna Bridgewater, as well as renowned learning services provider Pearson, the event will be hosted at the All is Joy Gallery, located at 75 Dean Street, London, on November 13.

Matthew Jessop is the visionary head teacher of Crosthwaite CofE School, an institution distinguished for its unique teaching methods which ensures that pupils learn and grow in harmony with one another and with nature.

The school runs a farm, maintained by its teachers, students, and the Crosthwaite community, where young minds thrive amid nature.

The farm holds an array of creatures - from quirky hens to alpacas - and a lush fruitful garden used for educational and social activities, like the school's annual Harvest lunch.

In 'The Gallery of Greats' series, every portrait tells a story about an inspiring educator in their natural environments. The 10 educators, from all across the UK, have been shortlisted to win a Gold Award at this year's Pearson National Teaching Awards.

Matthew Jessop is captured with his students and the school's resident lizard.

Matthew said: "Since joining Crosthwaite, myself and my team have made some positive changes that have both nurtured students in their development and which have made the school the hub of our lovely community.

"We’re empowering students everyday, whether that’s through our unique farm and garden or through the IT and technology we’ve introduced to support students in their development.

"I was delighted to hear that I had been shortlisted for one of the Pearson National Teaching Awards and grateful for the opportunity to share this achievement with more people through this exhibition”.

This year's Pearson National Teaching Awards ceremony will take place on November 25, and will be showcased on BBC's The One Show from November 20-24.

Sharon Hague, Managing Director of Schools at Pearson says: "On the 25th anniversary of the Teaching Awards Trust, this exhibition is a touching visual representation of the inspiring contribution made by educators up and down the country on a daily basis.

"We'd like to congratulate the Teaching Awards Trust on its 25th anniversary; it's a privilege to sponsor and support the work they do to celebrate and uplift our nation's teachers."

Mary Palmer, CEO of the Teaching Awards Trust says: “This exhibition visually showcases the impact teachers have on pupils and the innovation and enthusiasm they bring to the classroom day in and day out."