Cellist and environmentalist Sarah Smout is concluding her UK tour with a performance of Eyjar at the University of Cumbria’s Ambleside Campus.

Sarah will deliver an mix of captivating music and thoughtful discourse on environmental change.

The solo show is dubbed Eyjar, the Old Norse term for islands, inspired by her month long boat journey to Iceland.

Sarah shares the profound influence her journey had on her music.

She said: "My recent work interweaves poetry and looped soundscapes, creating a unique sound.

"I made my journey to Iceland to listen and to collect, travelling slowly.

"When we slow down, we can uncover stories that are important and urgent and, even more profoundly, find our own place in nature.

"I think music helps to both unify and challenge people, and also to inspire change."

A Q&A will follow the hour-long performance, hosted by Harriet Fraser, a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Ms Fraser added: "She has a unique way of weaving haunting melodies with deeply felt lyrics and amazing cello playing.

"After her sell-out performance at Kendal Mountain Festival, this event will be a rare treat.