A Kendal-based author and amateur astronomer has launched his 14th book, Felicette: The Space Cat.

Celebrated for his astronomy-oriented children's books, including the award-winning 'A Cat's Guide to The Night Sky', published four years ago, Stuart Atkinson has also edited and consulted on numerous titles for international publishers.

He also writes for magazines such as 'Sky at Night magazine' and 'Astronomy'.

His latest book tells of the first and only cat to voyage into space.

The book chronicles the life of Felicette, who ventured into space in 1963.

It uncovers details of Felicette's background, selection and training, and details of her pioneering flight.

It describes the rocket and capsule she flew in, and the legacy of her brief flight.

The book also looks at how Felicette's contributions have been commemorated, most recently through a bronze statue in Germany.

It also looks into how she may be honoured in the far future, by the men and women who travel to make their homes on the planets orbiting other stars.

The book is available to purchase in paperback and on Kindle.